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Food slicer elexa⁷

Product number: 521014
Our benefits
  • Full metal construction
  • Foldable
  • Two-finger switch-on safety system
  • Broad-surfaced slicing
  • Made in Germany
Product information "Food slicer elexa⁷"

Electrical food slicer elexa7 - foldable for storage

The first foldable full metal food slicer elexa7 by ritterwerk scores with its function. The machine can be folded space-savingly and stowed away conveniently. Also during operation, the slicer needs only very little space on the worktop.

The full metal construction ensures extraordinary stability and thus optimal slicing results. Regardless of the slice thickness, wafer-thin or up to approx. 14 mm, and of the food to be sliced, bread, cheese, fruit or vegetables – everything will be cut off evenly and appetizingly.

Further functional designs emphasize the usability of the slicer: The circular blade for example may be taken off without tools for cleaning owing to the bayonet quick-acting lock. The carriage can also be easily removed for simple cleaning. The broad-surfaced metal slicing board holds almost any size of food.

The two-finger switch-on safety system ensures particular safe slicing.

The elexa7 is driven by a 65 W eco motor which is 20 % more economical and just the same 50 % more powerful than the previous model.

With its superior design slicer elexa7 has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015.

  • full metal construction
  • silver metallic
  • foldable supply table
  • serrated circular blade, 17 cm Ø
  • slice thickness adjustable up to approx. 14 mm
  • two-finger switch-on safety system
  • switch for intermittent and continuous operation
  • divisible carriage for space-saving storage, even when slicer is folded
  • carriage way approx. 20 cm
  • food tray
  • cable compartment
  • 230 V, 65 Watt eco-motor, duty cycle 5 minutes
  • VDE/GS, protection class 2, CE
  • dimensions: width 24.0 cm (folded 10 cm)   height 20.0 cm   depth 34.0 cm
  • weight: 3.6 kg


For over 60 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognized the world over as a label of design excellence. With its superior design slicer elexa7 has won the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015.

Nowadays, many people prefer to avoid cutting everything by hand, and therefore opt for a food slicer, as it saves time and also ensures consistent quality when preparing food.

However, there are certain differences between food slicers in terms of function, handling, processing, safety and eco-friendliness.

In its issue 03/23 of "Haus & Garten 2023", a total of 6 appliances were tested in detail in the above-mentioned areas - including 2 manual and 4 folding The two folding test appliances icaro 5 and icaro 7 from ritter each received a rating of 1.5, which corresponds to an overall rating of "good".

Special features

Foldable full metal construction

The foldable full metal elexa7 food slicer can be folded up to save space after use. Folded, the food slicer is just 10 cm wide. The full metal construction ensures extraordinary stability.

Two-finger switch-on safety system

The two-finger switch-on safety system of the food slicer elexa7 establishes additional safety while slicing. The full metal food slicer can be used in intermittent and continuous operation as needed. 

Width of food holding plate

Extra-large food items are no problem thanks to the broad-surfaced metal slicing board. 

Circular blade lock

Thus, the blade can easily be removed for cleaning with no additional tools thanks to a convenient bayonet quick-acting lock. 


Divisible carriage

Likewise, the carriage can easily be released and removed for simple cleaning. To fold up the device, the thumb protection is removed from the slide base. The left-over holder and thumb protection can be stored directly on the folded device to save space.

Slice thickness continuously adjustable

Whether waferthin or up to approx. 14 mm thick – everything is sliced evenly into appetizing slices – regardless of whether it's bread, sausage, cheese or even vegetables. The serrated circular blade, made from stainless steel, ensures the perfect "slice".

Food tray

The food tray to catch the sliced food is placed underneath the circular blade so that the slices can fall directly onto it. The sliced product can be conveniently and directly served using the practical food tray made of high-quality, easy-to-clean plastic.

Powerful eco motor

The power is here! The food slicer elexa7 is driven by a 65 W eco motor which is 20 % more economical and just the same 50 % more powerful than the previous model. The use of this energy-saving motor makes a positive contribution to environmental protection.

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Available accessories/spare parts

Motor gear, brown
Counterpart: purple/orange blade carrier

Motor with a brown gear (right-handed operated)
Counterpart: purple blade carrier

Food tray
Collect the slices

Rubber foot, plug-on type
prevent slipping

Left-over holder

Circular blade lock
For fixing the blade

Finger protection, magnetic
Protects while cutting


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